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Moon Wars Minigame PvP in Minecraft PE

Moon Wars Minigame PvP

Creator: dynamic zed (YoutubeInstagram)

Moon Wars Minigame PvP

It’s nice to see the Minecraft moon cycle in your world now and then. But have you ever attempted a Battle Royale with gamers and aliens on the moon? Let’s go with Moon Wars Minigame PvP map!!

Moon Wars Minigame PvP
This is the map’s primary lobby. Thanks to the Teams Plugin from XG, PvP is disabled here and only permitted on the map.

Come and have a good time with your buddies. Fight aliens while chasing the safe zone that appears right in front of your eyes. That’s a fantastic race to the finish line. Are you prepared to be the first person to walk on the moon? Join the fight by downloading Moon War Minigame PvP.

Moon Wars Minigame PvP
There’s a button in the lobby’s middle that you may click to activate the dropshoot.
Fight with alient mobs, xenomorph addon by electrodigital
You are the winner if you are the last person to stand on the moon.

Download Moon Wars Minigame PvP

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