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Ender PvP Map in Minecraft PE


Creator: EnderVG

Ender PvP Map

Would you like to test your ability at the PvP map? Play with your companions and make fun with the Ender PvP map. You don’t have to do anything in Minecraft any longer since this guide is only for you!!! An extreme endurance base and the under endurance base are sitting tight for you to go to the revelation!!

Ender PvP Map

If you want to kick a player on enderpvp map, please use the /kick command.
Only 11 players are supported on this map.

11 Kits

EnderPvP map


EnderPvP map


There are 13 unique path to browse and they are free. It may expand slack on frail gadgets.

EnderPvP map


  • 11 vault rooms with a built-in storage system that is protected by a password system
  • There is an Emerald Converter, use the emeralds you got from the vindicators and convert them into money!
  • A Paper Area in case you lost the password.
  • Just press the “Vault Passwords Here” NPC to choose a vault room number and get your password!
  • Make sure to remember the password!
EnderPvP map

Download Ender PvP Map


  • @crasher_19 (Twitter) and my followers on Twitter that tested the map during beta stages
  • LightKnight2311, because I used his KitPvP map as reference and guide to Kits! Check out his KitPvP map too!

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