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Beyond the Portal – Find the Button in Minecraft PE

Beyond the Portal

Creator: alienboy (Twitter, Youtube)

Beyond the Portal

Beyond the Portal is a find the button map to celebrates the release off all-new 1.16 Nether Update. It includes 10 stages (the goal is 100 stages for the final update).

Beyond the Portal

Trophies (with custom textures) and the official finished 10 first stages release:

  1. The Beginning of the End
  2. Infected Forest
  3. A Time Before Change
  4. A Slow Souly Demise
  5. The Not Cobble Nether Bridges
  6. The Ne-end-er Glitch
  7. Ancient Debris Mines
  8. The Fungi Sanctuary
  9. Basalt Delta Royalty
  10. Strider Stables
Beyond the Portal
Beyond the Portal
Beyond the Portal

Download Beyond the Portal – find button map

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