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Christmas One Block Map | Minecraft PE Map

Christmas One Block Map

Creator: MCPE ML

Christmas One Block Map

Hello, today I’d like to show a map called Christmas One Block Map. One block is the most frequent Minecraft map. One Block is a survival map in which you begin with a single block floating in space. On this map, however, there will be a single-block Ice Island. This map with a Christmas theme was made. The same block may be mined several times to reward you with basic minerals that steadily improve.

Floating Island

There will be a floating ice island visible. There is a huge tree and One Block on this island. It is surrounded by ice and lush biomes. There are Christmas trees and presents on this island. There is a tree nearby, as well as some farms. There is a fountain on this island.

One Block

This pink block is essentially One Block. If you break this one, there will always be another. This is referred to as a single block. The name Christmas One Block alludes to its position on an ice island. View more at: Minecraft Christmas One Block

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