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Minotaur Mansion in Minecraft PE

Minotaur Mansion Map


Minotaur Mansion Map

Minotaur Mansion is one of six SG Replay: Minotaur Mansion Minigame Map that have been rebuilt Skygames maps. With high-quality, premium maps, Series SG Replay will provide you with the greatest possible experience.

  • Minotaur now hears breathing sounds when near players [like how hunters hear beeping sounds near keys]
  • Loot barrels [randomly spawn around the mansion and include “Radio Callout“, “Bag of Dust“, “Throwable Rock“, and “Radio Powerup“]
  • Hunter ability
    • Radio Callout [when dropped, if the minotaur is near, a callout will play to all hunters saying if the Minotaur is in the Front, Left, Back, or Right side of the mansion]
    • Radio Powerup [when dropped, a random effect will be given to all hunters, and a sound will play. The effects range [in order from common to rare] from Speed, Night Vision, Invisibility, and Incincibility]
  • Minotaur Exclusive
    • Light Out [breaks all torches (lanterns don’t break) for 15 seconds, the minotaur will also get a night vision]
    • Hunter Blindness [plays all hunters blindness for 10 seconds. During this time, hunters will hear heartbeats as though the minotaur is very close]
    • Roar [plays a loud roar sound at the minotaur’s location. This will stun all hunters and stop them moving for 1.5 seconds]
    • Radio Infect [plays 5 seconds long static sound from all hunters locations]
    • Hunter Slowness [slows all hunters for 5 seconds]
  • Loot Barrel
    • Bag of Dust [when dropped, a distracting smoke effect will spawn for 5 seconds]
    • Throwable Rock [when thrown, if they hit a grey windowpane, the window will break allowing the player to pass through]
  • Hunter Exclusive: Key Radar [The key radar will beep faster and more high pitched the closer you are to a key]
  • Custom Particles [custom particles in the lobby, and when you collect keys]
  • Lobby Easter Eggs + Tips [more tips have been placed in the lobby. Also, Mt. Rocky has made a return (from the EasterFest & Christmas maps)]
  • Bear Trap A trap that is thrown like a projectile onto the ground. When any hunter or minotaur steps on it, they will be trapped for three seconds. Then they will bleed for 7 seconds, leaving a trail of blood behind them. Bear traps can be broken by Minotaurs, or Hunters can break them with throwable rocks.
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