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Snow Hell 3 Map in Minecraft PE

Snow Hell 3 Map

Creator: Jobetyk

Snow Hell 3 Map

Snow Hell 3 is the series’ last tough Mini CTM, a difficult and really challenging game for any adventurous and experienced player. If you want to survive here, you must be sharp and focused at all times.

Snow Hell 3 Map

Your objective is to locate and install certain bricks on the monument, as well as to locate keys and artifacts that will assist you in progressing to the next level. These blocks are protected and may be found all across the map, so explore as much as you can.

Snow Hell 3 Map

The landscapes on Jobetyk’s maps are breathtaking, as they always are, indicating that he is still working. He never stops inventing, and this map is no exception, with his fresh construction style and approaches.

Download Snow Hell 3 Map

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