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Extreme SkyBlock Adventure in Minecraft PE

Extreme SkyBlock

Creator: MT714 (Twitter)

Extreme SkyBlock Map

Are you ready to discover new Islands, look for hidden treasures, defeat the wither, and much more in Extreme SkyBlock? This is the main lobby, there are some sections that are unlockable just by playing the map.

Extreme SkyBlock

Attract you with daily and monthly challenges, then give you a special reward. Most importantly, there is a whole monument to complete in this map
Let see some captures of this map:

“This is one of my very first map projects I’ve ever worked on. I’ve completely rebuilt the entire map in a void world. This has a special place in my heart as I loved working on it once again. I’ve decided that I’ll continue working on this project updating it with new features and bug fixes.”

Download Extreme SkyBlock CTM

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