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The Safest Modern House And Farm House in Minecraft

The Safest Modern House

Creator: TMM Studios

The Safest Modern House

The Safest Modern House And Farm Map in Minecraft. The location is guarded by a security turret. It has a pyrotechnics machine and a rocket launcher. The house encourages self-distraction. In the farm house, there’s also a secret treasure. There are a number of other characteristics as well.

The Safest Modern House
  1. Modern house
  2. Beautifully Decorated(Modern Furniture)
  3. Well designed.
  4. Two Rockets(That will fly)
  5. Firework Machine( Beautiful at night)
  6. Farm House
  7. Huge Aquarium(Added Many Fishes)
  8. Natural Beauty(Farm House)
  9. Village behind house
  10. Huge treasure quest
  11. Almost security(Mob killer)
  12. Self Distraction
  13. Emergency escape!!
  14. Rail Ride

and much more

The Safest Modern House

How to fly the Rocket:

To make the rocket fly, remove the central wood block from the bottom. If it flies, have fun with it. But what if it doesn’t take off? Please place a block in the center of the table once more. It will surely take flight after that.

Fireworks Machine:

The machine is incredible. It is capable of launching pyrotechnic rockets. To get started, simply click the map. To halt it, remove a redstone that joins two parts.

The Safest Modern House

Secret Piston Door Base:

There is a piston door in the pool. This will take you to a baseroom. It’s currently devoid of any content. As a result, you’ll be able to lay the groundwork.

The Safest Modern House

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The Safest Modern House And Farm House

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