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Tomb Crafter: The Legendary Pickaxe in Minecraft

Tomb Crafter: The Legendary Pickaxe

Creator: minecraftstyler777Kevin

Tomb Crafter

An wicked power has taken the renowned Pickaxe from the Minecraft realm. Anyone who has Pickaxe gains equal power to God. That is quite risky!! It will endanger the whole globe, thus your task now is to recover what was taken. Let us reestablish global order in this adventure map.

Tomb Crafter
Tomb Crafter: The Legendary Pickaxe Map Adventure
Tomb Crafter

An nasty Enderman has stolen the renowned Pickaxe! You’ve come here as a globe traveler famed for amazing missions all across the world. This time, you’ve been tasked with retrieving Pickaxe and returning it to its proper owner.

Tomb Crafter
Tomb Crafter

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