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Dungeons RPG Adventure Map in Minecraft PE

Dungeon RPG Map

Creator: PanGangowskiYt

Dungeon RPG Map

All levels in this map are divided into 4 types of difficulty: Easy – Medium – Hard – Ultra-hard. You can get loot boxes and additional equipment such as arrows when exchanging to levels.

Dungeon RPG Map
You can get a Supply Chest with free food, golden apples, and medkits,… it ups to amount of players currently on the Dungeon RPG Map.

Your task

  • Completing dungeons.
  • Putting useless loots/mob drops/items to “Trashcan”.
  • Defeating monsters.
Dungeon RPG Map


There are 2 shops in Dungeon RPG MapItems shop and Cases shop

  • Items shop: here you can buy various items and food such as medkits, arrows, etc
  • Case shop: buy cases, which may drop good weapons and armors to defeat monsters 
Dungeon RPG Map

Playable levels

  1. Easy levels: Grim Forest – Mineshaft – Icy Land
  2. Medium levels: Cave – Creeperland – Ruins – Underwater
  3. Hard levels: Dungeon – Pillagers’ mansion – Canyon
  4. Ultra-hard levels: Jungle awakens
  5. Rarity system: There are 5** rarities
Dungeon RPG Map

Supply chest rewards

  • 1 player is 9 arrows, 1 golden apple, 1 beef, 1 bread.
  • 2 players are 18 arrows, 2 golden apples, 2 beef, 2 bread.
  • 3 players are 27 arrows, 3 golden apples, 3 beef, 3 bread.
  • 4 players are 36 arrows, 4 golden apples, 4 beef, 4 bread.
Dungeon RPG Map

Download Dungeon RPG Map Adventure

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